Monday, February 16, 2009

Team Spotlight Series

For my Etsy Beagle Street Team, an interview with one of our team members will be posted every Friday! The interviews will let you know more about the artisans on the Beagles team! Just follow the link to the Etsy Beagles blog, posted under My Blog List . Thanks, and hope to see you at the Beagles blog! MsA

Monday, February 9, 2009

Etsy Beagle Street Team "Puppy Love" challenge

This nice photo collection of the challenge entries was made by Beagles team member Frumsglassmenagerie. Thanks so much, Sue; it is totally cool! :0)
I am so happy to see the entries for this month's Beagles team challenge! You can visit our team's blog and enter our team's first prize giveaway contest!

This is our fourth team challenge, and it's been such fun taking part in them! The theme is always different, and each team member must create an item based upon the challenge theme. This month we chose "Puppy Love" as our theme, since Valentine's day is right around the corner! Here is the final list of entries for the Beagles team "Puppy Love" challenge:

dogsrule, Puppy Love Heart Blanket for Dogs:

MsAnomaly, Puppies in Love Necklace:

cutiepiecompany, snow day gocco print:

creativecomforts07, Puppy Love ear warmer for dogs:

fatbasset, Puppy Love Beagle Paper Ornament:

kookyhandbags, Scotty/Checky dog plush/pillow:

pineapplesugar, Beagle Love necklace:

CodysCloset, Red Heart Dog Bone Placemat:

Frumsglassmenagerie, Paw Print Cell Phone Charm: