Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Skulls that were

I wish my supplier of these carved wood skulls hadn't gone out of business! :( I bought as many of these as I could afford at the time (this was a couple of years ago), but when I went to get more recently, the seller was gone. These skulls are sooooo cool! They are made from carved wood, natural color, unstained. Although the light color of the wood resembles bone, I think the detail is so much better than the carved bone skulls and not as "Halloweenish" (aka cheap looking) as the plastic skull beads. I created these to sell on eBay, before I discovered Etsy, and sold them all really fast! They actually were a lot nicer than these "pre-photoshop days" photos show. I'd love to make some more necklaces like them, but only these skulls will do! If anyone can tell me where to get the carved wood skulls, I would greatly appreciate it! :)